Organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizers are composed of natural elements like animal manure, human excreta and other vegetable matters like crop scum and compost. The main source of these fertilizers is animal and plant wastes and treated sewage sludge. These fertilizers are more eco friendly when compared to chemical fertilizers. They serve as fertilizers as well as conditioners for the soil to improve their productivity. The organic fertilizers provide a source of food for the micro organisms and earthworms and build the quality of the soil. There are various advantages of increased crop productivity, greater return, enhanced crop production, beneficial environment and nutritional value is increased.

organic fertilizer manufacturerOrganic and natural fertilizers feed the plants while developing and improving the soil quality. The soil having more organic content stays airy and contains extra moisture and nutrients. This enhances the growth of plants, organisms and develops healthier roots. We provide large variety of bio larvicide, bio fertilizers and plant growth promoter and stimulator. We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of top class fertilizers that are completely organic and suits the best to your plants.