What is Bio Larvicide?

Larvicide is an insecticide that is used to stop the growth of larva of any insect. Bio Larvicide are generally used by farmers to protect their crop from various types of insects and pests that harm their crops. Bio Larvicide is 100% organically derived material from wild plant leaves extracts, acid, alkaloids and sticking agent which are used as effective solutions for their crop.

Bio Larvicide manufacturerThese are the extensively used bio agro product that aims at the life stage of the insect to diminish the threat of mosquitoes in the crops and plants. This bio larvicide is used to control the insects including any type of worm, boll worm, root worm and heliothis. These bio larvicides are completely eco friendly and nature friendly. They are the best option to save your cops and plants from the harm caused by insects and worms. They can be suggested for any type of field crop, horticultural crop vegetables and worms. This is the cost effective solution for exterminating the threat to your crops.