Bio Fertilizer Supplier

Jaivik organization is offering an exclusive assortment of Bio Fertilizer Supplier. We bring forth effective and safe Bio fertilizers for our valued clients. The products offered by us helps to increase the fertility of land and also reduce the pre dropping of flowers and fruits. Bio-fertilizer manufactured by us are good manure for crop and vegetable.

We are proud to say that we are a predominant liquid bio fertilizers manufacturer and one of its renowned suppliers from India. Bio Organic Fertilizer contains live cells of specific strains of bacteria which are formulated in suitable carriers. Bio fertilizer is safe, eco-friendly and improves fertility of the soil. Improves soil fertility Safe Eco friendly Ensures healthy crop Protects plant from soil-borne diseases.

Features of Bio Fertilizer

  • Bio Fertilizer is Highly effective
  • There is Unmatched quality of Bio Fertilizer
  • Bio Fertilizer using Safe to use
  • Eco-friendliness Long shelf life



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