What is a Bio Fungicide?

Bio fungicide are composed of organic bacteria and fungi that are beneficial to the soil and the growth of the plants. They are eco friendly and bio degradable in nature so causes no adverse effect on the soil and crop. These bio fungicide are used to promote the growth of the plants. The bio fungicide are choose over chemical fertilizer as they are non toxic in nature, hence are not harmful to crop nor to humans. The microorganisms in the biofungicide settles in the plants and protects the plant from various dangerous pests and bugs. We are the most renowned manufacturer of bio fungicide and are even the most trusted supplier and exporter in the domestic and international market.

bio fungicide manufacturerAdvantages:

  • Eco friendly
  • Promotes growth
  • Effective performance
  • Protects plants from bugs
  • Improves the quality of crop
  • Economic compared to chemical products

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