Agricultural Pestiside Manufacturer

Jaivik Organization is engaged in offering agricultural Pesticide which is to be applied in the soil for better growth of plants. We are an eminent manufacturer and supplier of Agrochemicals & Agricultural Pesticides. Agricultural Pesticide are developed for the Crop District Approach, where the needs and problems of the crops are identified and an attempt is made to meet the same by existing solutions or procuring new solutions.

We offer a vast line of products, which includes Insecticide, Fungicides, Herbicide, Pesticide, Agricultural Pesticides, Weedicide, Termiticide, Household and Growth Promoters etc.Our chemicals have precise composition and are well known for its purity in different agricultural sectors. These chemicals are used to increase the long life of the plants and crops. We produce our product in the organic fertilizer category, helps the farmers to maintain and improve soil fertility.


Bio Fertilizer Supplier

Jaivik organization is offering an exclusive assortment of Bio Fertilizer Supplier. We bring forth effective and safe Bio fertilizers for our valued clients. The products offered by us helps to increase the fertility of land and also reduce the pre dropping of flowers and fruits. Bio-fertilizer manufactured by us are good manure for crop and vegetable.

We are proud to say that we are a predominant liquid bio fertilizers manufacturer and one of its renowned suppliers from India. Bio Organic Fertilizer contains live cells of specific strains of bacteria which are formulated in suitable carriers. Bio fertilizer is safe, eco-friendly and improves fertility of the soil. Improves soil fertility Safe Eco friendly Ensures healthy crop Protects plant from soil-borne diseases.

Features of Bio Fertilizer

  • Bio Fertilizer is Highly effective
  • There is Unmatched quality of Bio Fertilizer
  • Bio Fertilizer using Safe to use
  • Eco-friendliness Long shelf life


What is a Bio Fungicide?

Bio fungicide are composed of organic bacteria and fungi that are beneficial to the soil and the growth of the plants. They are eco friendly and bio degradable in nature so causes no adverse effect on the soil and crop. These bio fungicide are used to promote the growth of the plants. The bio fungicide are choose over chemical fertilizer as they are non toxic in nature, hence are not harmful to crop nor to humans. The microorganisms in the biofungicide settles in the plants and protects the plant from various dangerous pests and bugs. We are the most renowned manufacturer of bio fungicide and are even the most trusted supplier and exporter in the domestic and international market.

bio fungicide manufacturerAdvantages:

  • Eco friendly
  • Promotes growth
  • Effective performance
  • Protects plants from bugs
  • Improves the quality of crop
  • Economic compared to chemical products

Organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizers are composed of natural elements like animal manure, human excreta and other vegetable matters like crop scum and compost. The main source of these fertilizers is animal and plant wastes and treated sewage sludge. These fertilizers are more eco friendly when compared to chemical fertilizers. They serve as fertilizers as well as conditioners for the soil to improve their productivity. The organic fertilizers provide a source of food for the micro organisms and earthworms and build the quality of the soil. There are various advantages of increased crop productivity, greater return, enhanced crop production, beneficial environment and nutritional value is increased.

organic fertilizer manufacturerOrganic and natural fertilizers feed the plants while developing and improving the soil quality. The soil having more organic content stays airy and contains extra moisture and nutrients. This enhances the growth of plants, organisms and develops healthier roots. We provide large variety of bio larvicide, bio fertilizers and plant growth promoter and stimulator. We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of top class fertilizers that are completely organic and suits the best to your plants.

What is Bio Larvicide?

Larvicide is an insecticide that is used to stop the growth of larva of any insect. Bio Larvicide are generally used by farmers to protect their crop from various types of insects and pests that harm their crops. Bio Larvicide is 100% organically derived material from wild plant leaves extracts, acid, alkaloids and sticking agent which are used as effective solutions for their crop.

Bio Larvicide manufacturerThese are the extensively used bio agro product that aims at the life stage of the insect to diminish the threat of mosquitoes in the crops and plants. This bio larvicide is used to control the insects including any type of worm, boll worm, root worm and heliothis. These bio larvicides are completely eco friendly and nature friendly. They are the best option to save your cops and plants from the harm caused by insects and worms. They can be suggested for any type of field crop, horticultural crop vegetables and worms. This is the cost effective solution for exterminating the threat to your crops.

What are Bio fertilizers?

Bio fertilizers are substances that are used to promote the growth of the plants. It consists of living microorganisms which are added to seeds, soil to provide primary nutrients to the plants. Bio fertilizers add nutrients to the plant through process of solubilizing phosphorous, nitrogen fixation and adding growth promoting substances. Our company Jaivik produces a qualitative range of bio fertilizers. We offer a range of bio fertilizers according to the requirement of crop and increase the crop yield by 5%. We supply them in various states of India as well as exports them to market of Asia, South Africa and Thailand.Bio Fertilizers